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Every month you go on a journey to discover a new, exclusive and surprising bottle.
We search for and select the one that most excites us, and you receive it directly at home.


Why subscribe?

The excitement of previewing
a new discovery every month.

Once a month, for 12 months, you will receive a surprise bottle directly to your home, always different and always special, and available in the archive exclusively for you. On the bottle you will find a personal QR code for a preview of Gunter's latest journey and all the wines of the month's winery.


The benefit
of a tangible economic advantage.

By subscribing for one year, you choose to spend just 55 euro per month. In fact, when the bottle you received arrives in our archives, more often than not, you will find it is offered at a higher price. Furthermore, if you reside in Italy, shipping costs are already included..

The opportunity
to cancel
at any time.

If you have purchased the subscription for yourself, you can choose to cancel it at any time. Moreover, even if you have paid up front: you will be reimbursed for an amount equal to the unused months remaining on your subscription.

The privilege
of avoiding
out-of-stock inventory.

If you enjoy the wine you received, or would like to try one of the other wines from that month’s winery, your subscriber’s access enables you to purchase them before they sell out.

The joy of receiving
an extra bottle
as a gift.

When your annual subscription is coming to an end, in appreciation of your loyalty, we will send you a 13th bottle as a gift.

The exclusivity
of talking directly
with Gunter.

As a subscriber, you can speak Explorer to Explorer with Gunter: you ask for more information about wines, ask for a tip for a special gift or simply exchange opinions and feelings about a particular label.

Choose to receive a surprise bottle from an undiscovered and exclusive winery every month. For EUR 55 per month including with free shipping if you live in Italy.

Un regalo per l'anima

Tra i migliori regali che potessi fare alla mia curiosità, al desiderio di essere stupito e di continuare a esplorare nuovi sapori.

Una selezione incredibile!

Non importa quanto siate esperti o appassionati: c'è il 99% di possibilità che i vini proposti da Gunter non li abbiate mai assaggiati prima. Eppure sono vini magnifici di cui non potrete fare a meno di parlare con i vostri amici.

Un divertimento continuo

Io e mia moglie ci siamo regalati l’abbonamento per festeggiare qualcosa ogni mese. In base al vino che arriva, decidiamo a cosa brindare. Per noi è un rito e anche un gioco, e il divertimento sta negli abbinamenti che ci inventiamo. P.S. I vini arrivati finora sono tutti strepitosi!

Un regalo che dura nel tempo

La prima bottiglie era meravigliosa, la seconda stupenda nella sua diversità! Ma soprattutto rimane il ricordo perpetrato degli auguri di chi mi ha fatto questo regalo!

The questions
you're asking yourself.

How much the does the subscription cost?
Subscription is annual and costs 55 euro per month, for a total of 660 euro per year, shipping costs included if you reside in Italy. You can opt for a one-off annual payment or pay in 12 monthly instalments. In both cases, you can cancel at any time.
Can I track my bottle?
Of course you can. Our forwarding agent sends you an e-mail every month with all the relevant information. From there on you can track the progress of your bottle and, if necessary, make arrangements to schedule its delivery.
Can I cancel my subscription?
Yes, whenever you like, though not if the subscription was a gift. If, when subscribing, you chose to pay in a one-off solution instead of 12 instalments, you will be reimbursed for an amount equal to the unused months remaining on your subscription.
Is there a way to know which wines I have already received?
Sure. Log in to your Account and click on MY WINES.
Can I give the subscription as a gift?
Sure, you can take out a subscription for whoever you want. Does a whole year seem too much? You can choose how many months of subscription to give, from a minimum of three to a maximum of twelve. Remember, unlike the subscription you take out for yourself, a gift subscription cannot be cancelled. If you are not sure that a surprise bottle every month is a welcome gift (not everyone has the attitude of an Explorer!), you can opt for one or more bottles already in the archive.
How do I access the latest trip and wines from the winery of the month reserved for subscribers in advance?
Through the QR code on the bottle you receive each month.
When do I receive my surprise bottle?
Within the first few days of each month, depending on the shipping address.
What payment options do I have?
You can make your purchases with a credit card, Paypal or Google Pay and Apple Pay.

Do you have any other questions? Do you have any special requirements?
Would you like to proceed with an unscheduled order?  
Please don't hesitate to contact us.
We'll get back to you as soon as possible.

What they write about us.

La Cucina Italiana

La Versione di Gunter is the new portal that combines the storyteller's soul and passion for the wine of its creator.

Condé Nast Traveller

La Versione di Gunter is the new portal dedicated to those who love to uncork a wine and savour a new piece of the world each time.


For those who decide to follow him, Gunter promises an exotic tour around the tracks of the most secret and best wines of Europe and the world.


A subscription to La Versione di Gunter is an opening to the pleasure of discovery and is suited to those who have a curious nature, as well as a love of wine.


Before falling in love with things, Gunter falls in love with people. For him wine is a world of emotion and fascination.


La Versione di Gunter is an ambitious oenological and experiential project that aims to transform every sip into an original discovery.

Paesi del Gusto

Transforming tasting into a social ritual and getting to know the territories and the producers' stories. This is the leitmotiv behind La Versione di Gunter.


La Versione di Gunter: not an e-commerce, not a magazine dedicated to the world of fine wine, but a perfect synthesis of the two.


A series of real-life stories: modern-day storyteller Gunter talks about the people behind the wines.


An experience initially among friends which has opened up into an e-commerce site for telling stories, for inspiration and excitement.


Why subscribe to a wine e-commerce? To be part of a journey, an idea that connects wine and emotions.

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